Top 10 aviation industry stories of 2023 told by numbers
01/09/2024|11:09:34 AM|OAG

What mattered most to aviation industry professionals last year? OAG highlighted some numbers and statistics from 2023’s most popular aviation analysis, infographics and airline and travel technology news. The most popular content tells the stories of the year and provides insight into what 2024 may hold.

Improved Demand Forecasting by SAS: SAS enhanced their revenue forecast model, leading to a 30% improvement in demand forecasting.

World's Longest Flight: The New York JFK to Singapore Changi route was the longest in 2023, covering 15,332 km in about 18 hours 40 minutes.

Fuel Consumption Insights: On a London Heathrow (LHR) to Dubai (DXB) A380 flight, 96% of fuel was used during the cruising stage.

Biometric Technology in Airports: Three-quarters of airports now invest in biometric technology for a contactless experience.

Top 10 Busiest Airports: Half of the top 10 busiest international airports in October 2023 were in the USA, with Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson leading.

Route Efficiency via Helsinki: A flight from London Heathrow to Shanghai is shorter by 1,600 km when connecting through Helsinki instead of Hong Kong.

Aircraft Turnaround Team: Over 75 people are typically involved in an aircraft turnaround, emphasizing efficiency and coordination.

Off-Grid Travel Trend: 55% of travelers are planning "off-grid" vacations, focusing on unique locations and climate awareness.

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