Travel companies start canceling tours to Japan due to radioactive water dumping
08/28/2023|4:37:53 PM|Global Times

China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently released a notice announcing the third group of approved outbound group tours, with Japan being one of the most popular tourist destinations. However, following the commencement of Japan's dumping of nuclear-contaminated wastewater, cancellations of tours to the country have already begun, local media reported on Sunday.

According to one of China's largest online travel agencies Ctrip, the platform had launched more than 5,000 outbound group tour packages, flights and hotel bundles, covering more than one-third of the countries and regions across the third group of 78 approved countries, including the US, the UK, Japan and Turkey.

However, everything changed when Japan started to dump nuclear-contaminated wastewater into the Pacific Ocean.

The First Financial Journal reported on Saturday that although Japanese tourism products are still being sold on online travel platforms, they are not being prominently displayed.

At the same time, tourism industry insiders have revealed that some travelers have already started to cancel their trips. Several travel agencies have reported similar situations. In view of the current escalation of the dumping plan, many tourism companies have stated that they will make adjustments to their upcoming marketing plans, especially in promoting travel packages for the upcoming National Day holidays. Many reportedly plan to temporarily reduce the promotion of Japanese tours or suspend related marketing plans for travel to Japan.

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