Aviation boost in North East Asia as Japan reopens
09/23/2022|1:22:27 PM|OAG

The latest reopening of some commercial centers in China has resulted in a slight increase in global airline capacity, back to 97.4 million. The rest of the market seems to reflect the wider global mood of reflection as everything seems to have paused in the last seven days.

Looking at the forward capacity through to the end of November allows you to have a “glass half full” or “glass half empty” perspective. Capacity for the three months is 24% up on the same time series last year but as the chart shows there is a noticeable dip in capacity in November. 

Airline capacity for November is also clouded by the late release of schedules from many Chinese airlines who are still finalizing their programs, quite why they bother when a lockdown is inevitable at a moment’s notice seems strange but perhaps it does highlight the frustrations that airline CEOs are seeing in China at the moment.

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