CEO hopes Asian aviation hubs recover quickly after Middle East carriers grab share
06/23/2022|2:26:02 PM|Skift

Airlines that have been making a move into the area have been getting a lot of passengers, noted Jane Sun, CEO of Group, on Wednesday while sharing that the online travel company has been working with Middle Eastern carriers, who have expanded their operations to serve customers in Asia.

And while soaring jet fuel prices have led to a rising ticket price environment with airfares going up quite sharply, the demand in China continues to be quite resilient, she noted.

Hoping that the global Asian aviation industry responds quickly to the pent-up demand once travel gets back to normal, Sun said, “From our data, the interest for people to travel across the world is very strong and our team is getting ready to make sure that there is enough connectivity to serve that demand.

And when Chinese travelers do get back to traveling, they would be guided by the four Ss — Smaller groups, Safety, Short booking window and Sustainability, noted Sun. “We have been working to cater to these trends while preparing for the rebound.”

Pent-up travel demand is very strong in China, according to Sun. Soon after the Shanghai lockdown was lifted, China has witnessed positive travel trends coming particularly from the southern part of the country and west China.

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