Zaozhuang in Shandong promotes all-for-one tourism through rural tourism demonstration
10/27/2021|11:52:57 AM|PR Newswire

At a recent news conference held by the Information Office of Zaozhuang Municipal People's Government, it was disclosed that 5.823 million tourists visited Zaozhuang in the first half of this year, generating RMB 4.4 billion in tourism revenue. Over recent years, Zaozhuang has spear-headed all-for-one tourism by enthusiastically promoting rural tourism, and has thrown its support behind a new business model integrating culture and tourism. These strategies have achieved remarkable results.

Lizhuang, also in Fengmao, is a resettlement village for people from reservoir areas. In the past, the villagers here have lived off farming and fishing. With the revitalization of rural areas, a professional tourism cooperative has been established in Lizhuang, and a folk courtyard cluster area demonstrating local culture has begun to take shape: The stone mill enables visitors to sample and buy various tofu dishes; at the oil mill visitors can experience the process of squeezing plump peanuts into pure peanut oil; the hot pepper yard processes hot red peppers into various pickles, which have become top-selling tourist products; the stir-fried Lizhuang spicy chicken leaves a lasting aftertaste; the calabash yard invites visitors to drink tea, listen to drum music and watch plays performed by villagers. A series of themed settings have really livened up every yard, and today, Lizhuang has become a well-known model village for rural tourism.

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