Sales in Hainan duty-free shops hit $231 million during holidays
02/20/2021|4:31:32 PM|GlobalTimes

The week-long Spring Festival holidays have triggered another shopping spree for the duty-free shops, as latest data from Hainan island, the "Hawaii" of southern China revealed the island's windfall profits over the past week. 

According to the Hainan commerce department, from February 11 to 17, the 7-day sales of outbound duty-free shops in Hainan exceeded 1.5 billion yuan ($231 million). Sales exceeded 280 million yuan on February 14.

The data followed the previous month's expanding performance as Hainan has reaffirmed as the leading duty-free region in China, with the total sales of duty-free shops in the province in January coming in at 4.05 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 168 percent. 

Data from travel platform on Thursday showed that the hotels with stars have the highest booking in China, with the average price of 1,501 yuan, and information provider VariFlight said Sanya Phoenix International Airport has an average 157 daily inbound flights during the week-long holidays.

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