Beijing's new mega airport prompts biggest ever change in China's flight paths
10/11/2019|2:41:30 PM|Yicai

China has altered its navigational intelligence with more than 200 airways and over 4,000 flight routes, the largest adjustment of its kind in China's aviation history, due to Beijing's new Daxing International Airport.

The number of flights is expected to rise to 5,300, involving an area with a radius of over 1,300 kilometers from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to Dalian, The Paper reported, citing the North China Air Traffic Management Bureau. Nearly 30 airports across the country have adjusted their routes for the purpose. 

The multi-billion-dollar airport in the capital city was opened on Sept. 25 after five years of construction to respond to the increasing demand for passenger and cargo transport. 

The airspace under the jurisdiction of Beijing's aviation authorities was doubled to 34,500 square kilometers at midnight. By 2021, Daxing is expected to have 2,900 flights per day, making Beijing the busiest aviation city in the country. 

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