Amadeus Ventures invests in Dawex to unlock the power of data in travel
07/05/2019|6:22:28 PM|Amadeus

Amadeus recently decided to invest in a forward-thinking start-up called Dawex through its corporate venture arm, Amadeus Ventures, a travel venture program which invests in start-ups sitting at the crossroads of travel and technology.

Dawex, a leading data exchange technology company and the operator of the largest data marketplace,  announced this May a new round of funding of €5 million with Amadeus, Itochu Corporation, Bouygues Construction, and a French web entrepreneur entering Dawex’s capital. Total funds raised from inception tops €12 million.

Based in France, this company has the knowledge, expertise and commitment to leverage data to drive industry innovations like AI and analytics. 

They have developed a marketplace, where companies can exchange all type of data through files or APIs. Its platform ensures trust, low friction and engagement. Today, more than 7,000 organizations from 20+ industries rely on Dawex’s Global Data Marketplace and Data Exchange Platform technology. It helps organizations to source, monetize, and exchange data directly, securely and in full compliance with regulations. 

Through our collaboration, we can explore data monetization opportunities for our customers and deliver truly connected journeys to travelers worldwide.

In our world, Dawex would act as an enabler, allowing different travel and hospitality players to exchange information in a safe and compliant manner. For example, if your flight is delayed, your transfer provider could be notified, your hotel would know that you are arriving late and could reschedule your dinner reservation, etc. Or, if you took an earlier train than expected, your hotel would also know and offer early check-in while you are on the road.

By collaborating with companies such as Dawex, we hope to unlock the power of data in travel and continue to deliver on Amadeus’ promise to shape the future of travel.

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