53% of travelers would not book accommodation under host with negative reviews
06/17/2019|2:31:24 PM|PhocusWire

Travel reviews are often held up for the influence they have on consumer booking behavior - and recent research from Booking.com shows how powerful they can be.

With the growth of the vacation rental sector, it's little surprise that consumers continue to turn to reviews to help them make what is an emotional decision and one that takes up a significant percentage of people's income. 

The online booking agency's survey of 21,500 travelers globally reveals that 53% of travelers have decided not to book accommodation because of negative reviews about the host.

In the U.K. the figure comes in at 42% of travelers.

The research also reveals that 75% of travelers rate reviews from others as important in helping find welcoming hosts before they book.

And, staff are rated higher than other categories such as cleanliness, value and location when it comes to choosing a stay.

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