Sweden trains Chinese travel trade with WeChat mini-program
01/18/2019|9:37:53 AM|DragonTrail

On November 26, 2018, Visit Sweden became the first national tourism board to launch a WeChat mini-program for China Travel Academy (CTA) to trade Chinese travel agents.

Sweden launched their first WeChat-based training program for Chinese travel agents in November, 2015, with a second edition released the following year. From 2015-2017, Chinese arrivals to Sweden increased by 25%, making China Sweden’s fastest-growing inbound tourism market.

For 2018, Visit Sweden took advantage of the newest technologies to update their B2B digital marketing in China. They offered CTA Live webinars in June and December 2018, and introduced the new CTA course via WeChat mini-program at the end of November.

Mini-programs have taken off since they were first launched at the start of 2017, especially in retail and travel, and there were a reported 1 million available by November 2018, with 200 million daily active users in August 2018. While there is a certain amount of hype around mini-programs, there are solid advantages, too, including their popularity with users.

In just over a month, the courses had received a total of more than 175,000 page views, with over 50,000 views alone for the first course.

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