China’s Top 20 Tourism Groups report GMV exceeding 1.5 trillion yuan again
12/14/2018|9:59:54 AM|ChinaTravelNews

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently announced that by the end of 2017, there were a total of 27,900 travel agencies and more than 30,000 tourist attractions in China. The gross merchandise value (GMV) of the Top 20 Tourism Groups reached 1.53 trillion yuan.

China has been identifying the country’s Top 20 Tourist Groups annually since 2009. The top performers of the tourism industry have been reporting total turnover exceeding 10 billion yuan and GMV of trillions of yuan since 2016. Since then, the GMV of the top 20 tourism groups has been staying above the 1.5 trillion yuan level.

Altogether 25 companies are listed by China Tourism Academy and China Tourism Association in this year's Top 20 Tourism Groups by total turnover calculation. However, the ranking order of the top companies for this year wasn’t listed based on GMV and turnover but company type. State-owned companies were listed ahead of local and private enterprises.

2018 Top 20 Chinese tourism groups

1. China Travel Service (CTS)

2. OCT Group

3. Beijing Tourism Group(BTG)

4. Meituan Dianping

5. Orient Landscape(OL)

6. Utour

7. CAISSA Tourism Group

8. Dalian Haichang Group

9. Jin Jiang International

10. Ctrip

11. Joyu

12. Springtour

13. Huazhu

14. Tongcheng Tourism (LY)

15. Zhejiang Tourism Group(ZTG)

16. Hangzhou Commerce and Tourism Group(HCL)

17. New Century Tourism Group (Kaiyuan Group)

18. Sunriver

19. AHTG

20. Huangshan Tourism Group

21. Fujian Tourism Group

22. Inzone Tourism Group

23. Hubei Culture and Tourism Group

24. Guangzhou Lingnan International Enterprise Group

25. Tempus Group