China's railway system to carry 647 million passengers during summer travel rush
07/03/2018|11:36:57 AM|GBTimes

China’s railway network is expected to transport 647 million passengers during this year’s summer travel rush, which began on July 1 and is due to end on August 31. These figures represent an increase of 7.6% compared to last year, according to the China Railway Corporation.

During the 62-day period, passengers in the country will make a total of more than 10 million train journeys every day, reports Chinese news portal China News.

To handle the heavy traffic, the company has added an extra 37 pairs of medium- and long-distance passenger trains to a new schedule which began yesterday.

In addition, the number of extra Fuxing, China’s domestic-built bullet train that boasts a top speed of 420kph, will reach over 170 each day, whereas normally around 114 are in operation.

Further, various services, including air conditioning in stations and on trains, online meal ordering and check-in facilities that utilise facial recognition technology, will be provided to improve the travel experience of those using the trains during this time.

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