Search engine developer Sogou launches AI-powered travel translator
03/23/2018|9:10:49 PM|MarketsInsider

Sogou, an innovator in search and a leader in China's Internet industry, launched its AI-powered, portable translation device, the Sogou Travel Translator, on March 19.

The Sogou Travel Translator have been sold with total sales exceeding RMB 10 million (approximately USD 1.6 million). 

The Sogou Travel Translator has a wide range of features that are designed to cater to the needs of China's rapidly growing tourism market. These include:

* Offline translation mode allows users to translate real-time dialogue and text-embedded in images without being connected to the Internet;

* Powerful Optical Character Recognition technology enables translation of image- embedded text so users can read street signs and menus;

* Voice recognition accuracy rate of over 97%.

Sogou's AI-powered translation technology was developed through analysis of a significant volume of natural language interactions on Sogou's core platforms. With a Big Data advantage afforded by up to 300 million voice requests and more than 2 million Optical Character Recognition requests every day in Sogou Search and Sogou Input Method, Sogou has developed an unrivalled understanding of the Chinese language that has accelerated the development of its AI capabilities.

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