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Rethinking the Social Media Objective - What Do Your Guests Want?

02/28/2013| 10:08:06 AM| 中文

Hospitality brands that keep the big picture of consumers’ needs, wants, and desires in sight and align their social media accordingly will succeed.

It’s time to take a deep breath and look at how your guests want to interact with you.

Hotel marketers are still grappling with matching business objectives to the appropriate social media but not as much as they are wrestling over the definitive social media metrics. In this quandary, it is both relevant and helpful to remember that consumers are still figuring out social media as well. That said, travel consumers are usually ahead of most suppliers and large global corporate brands.  Recent research reveals consumers employ social channels when seeking useful information in the context of their point in the buying process and that they expect faster, better service on social channels.  Some research suggests guests would rather use social channels than phones to resolve issues. Still more data show consumers want to be treated special by the brands that they follow and like on social media. Consumers seek authentic engagement – not mass customization and they expect coupons and contests, getting deals and offers before others, as recognition of the relationship they have established through these channels.

In the hype and jargon of social media, it is easy to forget the consumer has goals too.  Consumer behavior is purposeful; this is one of the timeless principles of marketing—and social media marketing is no exception to the rule. Consumers seek from brands numerous features and benefits; some are sought out simultaneously and still others are sequential. Ultimately and simply, customers are searching to fulfill their needs, wants, and desires.

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