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Travel startups and celebrities – strategic value or PR puff?

04/12/2012| 10:18:46 AM| 中文

Perhaps in the cut-throat world of startups, getting the financial backing of a celebrity helps startups to get some capital and a few dozen extra headlines in the press. But the tie-in with a celebrity puts additional pressure on the startup.

What is it these days with celebrities and travel startups? Or, more likely, travel startups and celebrities.

Airbnb, Hipmunk and Gidsy are just three brands which made lots of noise through their association with the rich and famous, with Mr Demi Moore, sorry Ashton Kutcher, having a link with all three via investment rounds.

And now Europe-based Gidsy, which is one of just two brands to have refused to complete the TLabs Showcase elevator pitch-style startup questionnaire, says it is partnering with Brit chef Jamie Oliver.

Read full story at: http://www.tnooz.com/2012/04/07/news/travel-startups-and-celebrities-strategic-value-or-pr-puff/

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