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Strategies and questions that travel startups should look at

01/09/2018| 6:12:05 PM| 中文

Amadeus have reviewed over 1,300 startups but only invested in nine. How does it choose strategies?

While not quite at the peak we saw in early 2015, venture capital funding remains hugely influential to the economy with more than $40 billion invested during Q2 of 2017.

So far, we have reviewed over 1,300 startups and invested in nine that we feel have real potential.

Working in a way that allows innovative solutions to enter the market rapidly is an important focus. However, Amadeus also ensures that its innovation programme leaves room for exploring long-term ideas, which are by nature more uncertain.

So if you are interested in developing your own innovation strategy, perhaps a few initial questions are: what are you strengths, what are your weaknesses, and what do you want to achieve? Most importantly, what do your customers really need to succeed not just today, but in the future?

It is easy to become dazzled by the array of potential ideas in the market and from internal sources, but those who have a few key priorities to focus on, are most likely to drive real change for their customers.

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