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Baoku Online connects directly to China Southern Airlines' B2G system

11/21/2017| 11:03:49 AM|

Baoku Online, a business travel SaaS platform in B2B sector, has become the first to connect to China Southern Airlines' business-to-group (B2G) direct sales system for key customers.

Baoku Online became the first business travel Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to seamlessly connect to China Southern Airlines' business-to-group (B2G) direct sales system for key customers at the recent China Southern Airlines Business Travel Forum and the B2G System Launch Event. In 2017, Baoku Online handled over 500,000 business trips for corporate employees.

Alibaba's business model applied in the vertical spectrum

The Baoku Online CEO explained that the firm faced many difficulties during the startup phase, just as Alibaba once did. The low level of digitalization within the Industry when compared with others is one of the major hurdles. As TravelSky's eTerm is the booking system most adopted by airlines, Baoku Online developed a direct sales system for Air China's small and medium-sized enterprise clients in 2011 and then followed up with similar systems for Shenzhen Airlines, Hainan Airlines and Shandong Airlines, among others, in an move to create a barrier-free sales environment.

In terms of accommodations, the company established partnerships with several large hotel groups, including 7 Days Group, Jinjiang International, Plateno Hotels Group and Vienna Hotels Group. Furthermore, traditional ticket agents are enhancing their services as a methodology for obtaining more customer data. Today, thousands of companies, including China's behemoths, among them, Sohu, AsiaInfo and China Construction Bank, have been engaging in data exchanges with suppliers through Baoku Online and improving management efficiency across the procurement supply chain.

How to enhance B2B enterprise services in the future

The combination of a SaaS management platform and e-commerce is a solution to successfully enhance B2B enterprise services similar to Alibaba, according to Wang.

Baoku Online has been compared favorably to business travel reimbursement software developed outside of China. Many reimbursement software packages are proficient at collecting travel and entertainment expenses, which is a boon to the customer's financial department, but it is only the first step in achieving enterprise management and data collection via the Internet.

Combining the functions of a company's internal management with external e-commerce procurement, Baoku Online is adept at managing business travel booking behavior as well as the service providers and seamlessly accomplishes information exchange for approval, booking, changes during the trip itself and filing of expenses once the trip is complete. Furthermore, the match-up between internal procurement and the external supply chain is also established.

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